Why choose BX Medical?

Wherever you undertake your first aid training, you are likely to leave with the same certification. When a course is regulated by Ofqual, the content will be consistent, the trainers will be similarly qualified and the cost will be competitive at a range of first aid providers.

The difference is in the delivery.

Three ways we offer a different kind of delivery

1. You learn in a relaxed environment, with personable, engaging and supportive trainers. We are sensitive to all our candidates’ backgrounds and life experience, and will support you if you’re finding any topic challenging.

2. We don’t read from a script. We have a syllabus to follow but we go to great lengths to put the exercises in context, and tailor the content to your environment. There’s no point describing an emergency in a childcare centre if you work on an engineering site!

3. Our sessions are interactive with plenty of real-life stories that you can relate your training to.

Why does a supportive and interactive environment matter? You will retain more information and gain more confidence if your training experience is memorable and relevant. This allows you to use your new skills more successfully in the real world.

Of course, the topic of first aid is inherently a serious one; we have to cover the fundamentals of how to treat illnesses and injuries. But we don’t believe the course itself should be too regimented or intimidating. Sometimes, we even bring cakes!

So why do our clients return time and again? Have a look at our testimonials page for more reasons why people choose BX Medical for their first aid courses.

Did you know?

When someone has a sudden cardiac arrest, every minute without CPR and defibrillation can reduce their chances of survival by up to 10%.

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