Changes to how an EpiPen is administered

The manufacturers of EpiPen have this month updated the instructions for administering the vital adrenaline shot. The changes will simplify and shorten the injection process, which is never a bad thing in an emergency.

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Change in Lucozade Original formula

In line with many soft drink and snack manufacturers, Lucozade Ribena Suntory has significantly reduced the amount of sugar in many of its drinks, including the bestselling Lucozade Energy.

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Emergency First Aid at Work

One of our most popular first aid courses, Emergency First Aid at Work, has changed to a level 3 award, following review by the First Aid Awarding Organisations Forum.

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It’s Migraine Awareness Week

For the one in seven of us suffering from regular migraines, they’re not just a headache, but can represent hours lost in a fog of pain and debilitating symptoms. Headaches and migraines are one of the main causes of absence from work.

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New AED signs will save lives

An AED allows members of the public to administer defibrillation to someone suffering a cardiac arrest before the emergency services arrive.

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