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How it all started

After 22 years in the Army, founder of BX Medical, Mark Stevens, made his way to Wiltshire with a view to sharing his first aid skills with local companies and community groups. In 2013 BX Medical was formed, and our team now offers a full range of accredited courses to clients around the UK.

Over time we’ve developed a distinctive training style to ensure you enjoy our classes and remember the life skills you’ve learnt. It’s what sets us apart, and thankfully, hundreds of our clients agree!

Try it for yourself!

Our courses

Our medical training courses are designed for people with specific first aid responsibilities – in the workplace or out in the community.

It may be the first time you’ve required this training. If you haven’t used your skills for while, you might be looking for a refresher course. Or maybe you’ve checked your employer responsibilities and need to book an Ofqual regulated course for one of your team members.

Whatever the reason, thank you for accepting the challenge! Many of us will require first aid assistance at some point in the future. We can teach you how to make an immediate and life-saving difference in an emergency.

If that sounds scary, we totally understand. These situations can be confronting when you don’t know what you’re doing. But we will give you the skills and the confidence to deal with accidents, incidents and illnesses – wherever you are.

And one day, you might make a huge difference to the life of someone seriously ill or injured. They will never forget the help you gave them.

What happens on a BX Medical training course?

We will explain your role as a first aider and the situations where you might be called upon. We will then give you the theoretical knowledge and practical training to deal with most first aid situations quickly, safely and effectively.

Once you’ve completed your training course with BX Medical, not only will you have the competencies to perform the role, you will have the confidence to approach it without fear. 

Far from being just another certificate to gather dust on the wall, this is a lifelong skill.

Did you know?

Of the people who were injured at work in 2014-15, 350,000 were off work for more than 3 days – in some cases for much longer.

Latest News

  • Changes to how an EpiPen is administeredChanges to how an EpiPen is administered
    The manufacturers of EpiPen have this month updated the instructions for administering the vital adrenaline shot. The changes will simplify and shorten the injection process, which is never a bad thing in an emergency.
  • Restart a HeartRestart a Heart Day – 16th October 2017
    16th October 2017 marks Restart a Heart Day, when thousands of young people across Europe will be taught the lifesaving skill of CPR.
  • Diabetes and LucozadeChange in Lucozade Original formula
    In line with many soft drink and snack manufacturers, Lucozade Ribena Suntory has significantly reduced the amount of sugar in many of its drinks, including the bestselling Lucozade Energy.
  • Emergency First Aid at Work
    One of our most popular first aid courses, Emergency First Aid at Work, has changed to a level 3 award, following review by the First Aid Awarding Organisations Forum.

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