Change in Lucozade Original formula to impact those with diabetes


In line with many soft drink and snack manufacturers, Lucozade Ribena Suntory has significantly reduced the amount of sugar in many of its drinks, including the bestselling Lucozade Energy.


This is great news for those of us seeking lower calorie options and trying to pursue a healthier lifestyle. But it has a knock-on effect for people with diabetes, who rely on an occasional hit of Lucozade to boost their sugar levels.


Earlier this year it was announced that the amount of glucose-based carbohydrates in Lucozade would be reduced by up to 50%. Previously, 100ml of Lucozade Original contained 17g of carbohydrate; this was reduced to 8.9g in April. The plan is that all Lucozade drinks will have less than 4.5g of sugar per 100ml by 2018.


Those susceptible to hypoglycemia are advised to consume 15-20g of sugar when treating low blood sugar, but this will no longer be equivalent to 100ml of Lucozade. Instead, Diabetes UK  recommends:

If you have been advised to drink Lucozade Energy Original when your blood glucose is low, the amount you drink will need to change. For example if you have been told you need:

  •  10g of carbohydrate, you will now need 110ml
  •  15g of carbohydrate, you will now need 170 ml

If Lucozade is a regular part of your treatment, please talk to your healthcare professional to agree a new dose.

You should also check the nutrition label on every bottle while the new formula sits alongside the old version on supermarket shelves. The amount to drink for different flavours may also vary.

Have you been affected by the change in Lucozade? Get in touch, we’d love to hear your views!